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TACK BIM Consultancy Services is a London based digital design consultancy that offers specialist architecture, BIM and computational design expertise to assist you in achieving and exceeding your goals.

We are self-motivated computational design enthusiasts and BIM consultants, determined to deliver high-quality services to the architects, constructors, design developers and engineers in AEC industry.

Please check our sample work.

Under the counseling of Steve Mouradian

Riba Chartered
UK Works
BIM in architectural design projects I Ongoing/completed projects in the UK
Computational Design
Computational design in architecture I Parametric, generative and algorithmic design
​​Computational design refers in general to the creation of new computational tools and methods in the context of computational thinking. Design computing is concerned about the development of computational models of design processes to assist various aspects of the design process with the goal of producing higher quality and new design forms.
These studies mainly consist of postgraduate studies at the academy, which the subject of which originates from design computing researches and requirements of architectural projects from our clients.
Architectural Design
BIM in architectural design projects I Projects in which BIM was essential
BIM (Building Information Modelling)
BIM (Building Information Modelling) has very different definitions in many fields. Despite it doesn't need any strict definition but BIM is a process that provides with a collaborative way of creating and managing information, evaluation in a more transparent, efficient and sustainable way of planning, building and managing complex projects from start to finish.
BIM is effective in organize and align digital and physical means of production, produce stigmergic coordination out of decentralization, enable the governance of complex projects for multiple actors while creating a new class of business models for construction.
These works were carried out with computational design tools such as Revit, Dynamo, Rhino and Grasshopper. These projects consist of office works that are constructed in worldwide and whose processes are carried out in BIM environment.
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