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We provide services by drawing upon our professional experience we have gained while working for many years.

We care that the services we provide are open to exploration for finding new meaningful patterns and expand the knowledge with imagination. We believe that is essential to improve our existing knowledge, both individually and as a team.

BIM Solutions

BIM Solutions


Revit Model Management

We can assist with many years of experience in setup, review or maintain of Revit models.


We provide improvement to models that have reached an advance stage or we build up from the beginning of the project with your project requirements for proper process of BIM.

Revit Content (Family) Creation

We are experienced in the production and maintenance of well-made, user-friendly Revit content. Healthy operation of the BIM model is possible with well-established Revit Families.

Revit Systems Development

Specialized schedules, quantities, annotations, material libraries, shared parameter files, tagging systems, different file exporting...

We can do whatever you need!


ArchiCAD Modeling

We use ArchiCAD, one of the most common architectural software across the UK, to model your building and its surroundings.

We usually model the current state of your building and its surroundings in 3D in ArchiCAD for later use for planning permission. This model, which is a simulation of the current state, is then used as a base to develop new design proposals.

Measured Site Survey

Measured Building Survey

To model later, we arrange an appointment to come on-site and take measurements with various measurement tools.


We take horizontal and vertical measurements of all architectural elements of the building (walls, doors, windows, columns, beams, floors and fixed furniture).


Measured Site Survey mainly for use in property developments, building applications, project design and renovation or As-Built documentation drawings.


Computation and Visual Programming


We operate at an advanced level of experience when it comes to applying Dynamo to Revit workflows. We've developed many scripted solutions to automate documentation and project setup, and enjoy forming creative solutions to complex challenges.

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