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246 Queensbridge Road, E8 3NB

London, UK I 2021
Çapa 1


Office Work

Scope of Work

  • Site Survey

  • Digital Modeling (BIM in Archicad)

  • Documentation (Preparation of views of the existing situation)

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246 Queensbridge Road, E8 3NB

The project is the creation of a digital model of the 4-story building and its rear garden by making on-site measurements. The building has an independent basement flat, a loft on the roof, and a rear garden that has a conservatory.

On-site measurements of the building were made and converted into a BIM model. The modeling process was carried out at the LOD4 level of the BIM. 


After the complementation of the model, the documentation (plans, sections, elevations, etc) of the BIM Model that showing the existing situation of the building was prepared.

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